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Check out our all-local raw honey from Busy Bee Honey. We extract several times during the season to give us honey in a variety of seasonal colors and flavors. Our honey won Best of Class and Best of Show with an "Excellent" rating at a recent Vermont Farm Show honey competition!

The nectar sources in our locale give us some outstanding honey flavor.

Busy Bee raw honey is never heated or filtered (that’s the definition of raw honey.)  Our raw honey is produced from our own local apiaries (places where groups of honeybee hives are located.) Our honey is just as it comes from the lives as produced by the bees.


Much supermarket honey is heated to 150°F so it can be filtered to remove the fine (but healthful) pollen grains and bits of beeswax so it will remain liquid on the shelf for a long time.  However, heating and filtering remove the finer flavor elements as well as healthful components from the honey.  We never heat our honey.

We use no antibiotics and no synthetic pesticides in our hives. 

Honeybees collect nectar from trees, shrubs, berry plants, and flowers.  Plant nectar has about 2% sugar - similar to maple sap.  The foraging bees bring the nectar back to the hive where other bees store it in the hive honeycomb.  Worker bees fan the stored nectar inside the hive to reduce the water content down to 18% moisture or less.  At this concentration, the honey will not spoil hence does not need to be refrigerated.  By comparison, liquid maple syrup is about 33% moisture.

Our honey frames are brought directly from our hives to our stainless steel extractor.  After the extractor spins the honey from the frames, the honey falls through stainless steel screens into food-grade tanks leaving all of its healthful properties intact.  We carefully bottle it fresh by hand into several types of glass honey jars for your enjoyment (we do not use plastic honey jars.)

We hope you enjoy our locally produced raw Busy Bee Vermont honey!


Fred Putnam, Jr.

Vermont Certified Beekeeper

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